Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day festivities

Valentine's Day is often fraught with anxiety for those who don't have a significant other to celebrate with (and the scope of the expected celebrations has grown exponentially over the years--used to, you could make do with a card and maybe some flowers or candy, but now a night of romantic excess seems to be expected).

But for a while now, I've found a way to ensure that Valentine's Day doesn't fall flat for me, and that is by using the occasion to to a ritual in honor of Freyja. Not a traditional Norse holiday, but there is a record of the Dísablót , a sacrifice to the female powers called dísir, at Uppsala in Sweden, so it's not totally out of place.  Plus--well, Freyja, and love (and lust!) and all those things--surely it fits into the occasion (plus, all those little hearts, looking oh so similar to a pair of buttocks ♥

And doing a ritual to the great Goddess of love and later endulging in a little wine and seafood amidst some fresh flowers certainly beats watching a cheesy chick-flick while eating an entire carton of ice cream. Try it--you need never be alone on Valentine's Day again.